Best of the Best


„Too many rules and too much predictability absolutely kill creativity.“

Mike Krzyzewski.


What is the best way to celebrate the engagement of your close friend or colleague? By giving them a great gift! We are creating a brand new wedding gift collection inspired by our dear companion.

Martina Žílová

In a bid to improve ourselves in the ceramic craft, we go to the edge of material and technological experiments. All of a sudden, the form or function is not as important for us as the process itself. The matter of what we create our products from became more important than what we create. The ambition to create things without a waste and to learn how to use all the scrap material awoke in us the whole new enthusiasm. The new collection of plates called “DARK PLACE”
Zuzana Holaňová

The collection „Smoke“ handles a challenge of capturing the transience of wavy smoke. It is the attempt to catch a specific one and only moment in time which subsequently disappears forever. Handmade cups and vases are decorated by pigments of different colors which are being melted straight into the matter. Each piece has a unique décor which has been imprinted into the product directly at the time of the creation.
Zuzana Holaňová

Minimalist espresso cups from stoneware or porcelain in subtle colors.
“Make things as simple as possible but no simpler.” Albert Einstein.
Zuzana Holaňová